5 Best Masturbation Toys for Men

although masturbation is a topic that is mostly discussed in hushed tones, it is a natural activity that shouldn’t be shameful. Many people, both men and women, masturbate regularly although they never admit it publicly. This can be shown by the rate at which the demand for sex toys continues to increase.

Finding the best sex toy is one of the best ways to gain satisfaction during masturbation. The toy has to be appealing to the user in order get the job done properly. For men, choosing the best masturbation toy can be challenging even with the multiple choices available in the market. However, with the right guide that can change. Some of the best toys for men include:


This is considered one of the best masturbation toys for men due to its design and the way it functions. The toys are made with soft material that resemble real skin which enhances your experience. Their design and texture also ensure you get maximum satisfaction just like you would with a human being.

Using flashlight sex toys is easy. You start by running warm water through the sleeve in order to make it warm. The sleeve is easily removable and can be replaced with ease.

Once it warms up you can put it back in the case. You can then apply a lubricant on your penis and insert the flashlight, using the cap to control the tightness of the pussy suction.

Piu app control

This toy comes with an app that you can install in your mobile device and activate any time you feel the urge to masturbate. The app comes with erotic clips that you can watch but it also allows you to download other preferred movies.

Man in bad

The toy itself is made with silicone that allows you to get the most pleasure while making the toy last longer in great shape. It also has an adjustable vibration mode that you can do manually or leave it to work automatically.

Pfun plug

Most men get stimulation from their prostate regions which is what this sex toy aims to do. It is made with stainless steel which not only ensures durability but also helps with easy maintenance.

Using it is easy since it works by massaging the prostate to give pleasure. The toy is easy to clean and works well with different types of lubricants.

Easy beat egg

If you want a sex toy that you can use in secret, then this is one of the best choices. It is elastic which gives it the ability to fit different penis sizes comfortably.

Couple have sex

These toys are also available in different varieties that allow you to get different experiences whenever you want. It comes with its lubricant that can only be used once.

Sleeve wraps

These toys give an experience similar to that of a hand job and blowjobs combined. Its vibration mode is bound to stimulate your sexual organs ensuring that you reach the ejaculation stage. Although they can be used by individuals, they are also great for partners.


All these toys are guaranteed to make your sex life better whether you have a partner or you’re single. They bring a higher level of pleasure that you’ll appreciate. You can have a variety to give different experiences every night.