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3 Best Dildos on The Market

Looking for new ways to spice up your sex life with some kinky fun?

We’ve got the latest scoop on the three of best dildos available on the market in 2018. Keep reading to learn more about these dildos that are guaranteed to hit the spot.

Realistic Ultra Soft Dildo with Flared Suction Cup Base for Hands-Free Play

This hands-free dildo is available on Amazon and is designed to introduce beginners to a new world of ecstasy. This 6.7-inch lovers delight has 5.2 insertable inches to give you just the right fit.

Beauty Molly Superior 7 inch Anal Realistic Penis Dildo with Suction Cup

The Beauty Molly is another popular and delightful beauty that is sure to take your bedroom activities to new heights. This 7 inch love toy is designed to provide a “real-feel” for more advanced users.

SHEQU 10” Dildo with Suction Cup- Dong with Balls Fake Penis

The SHEQU 10 inch dildo promises to deliver 10 inches of delicious pleasure and boasts an impressive 8-inch insertion. This inexpensive beauty is designed for more advanced players.

How to Buy The Best Lubricant

There may come a time when you want to add another slippery layer of fun to your sex play.

Keep reading to learn how to buy the best lubricant to keep things interesting.

Water Based Lubricants

Water-based lubes are very water friendly. These lubes are easy to use and easy to clean and less likely to cause any allergic reactions or other undesirable results. While water-based lubes are definitely user-friendly, keep in mind that you may need to apply multiple applications to keep the party going.

Silicone Based Lubes

Silicon-based lubes are just as easy to use as water-based lubes with a few added features. Silicon-based lubes can be used in water and extend your sexy fun by requiring fewer applications.

The downsides of silicon-based lubes are they are slightly harder to clean up when the fun is over and may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive users. (Beware of potential stains on your satin sheets.)


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Get Better At Oral Sex

Are you looking to step up your oral sex game? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a few tips and tricks on where to place those sexy licks.

Confidence Is Key

While some think of oral sex as a form of taboo, it is a perfectly normal way to express yourself sexually. technique, in this case, is much less important than being confident on your way downtown.

We’re giving you permission to shake off the taboo and get down and dirty with your partner.

Take your time and actually enjoy the process. The more that you enjoy the process the more that your partner will too.

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